How does it work?


A Psychoanalysis is an experience unique to each individual.  However, it does
always involve talking with the analyst.  In the sessions people are invited to openly say what has been bothering them lately or the reasons that may bring them to analysis as well as talking about their childhood and family relations.  Links between present and past may fruitfully emerge.  Some have described their experience as ‘a conversation with  meaning’, others have said it allows them to listen to themselves.  For a man, his Psychoanalysis was ‘the only time I can openly talk about my thoughts and disconnect, and if I could, I would be here every day!’ For a woman it was ‘a practice which involves regularity and work in order to get to these discoveries which I never thought were so important in my life, although I knew they were there.’

The length of sessions will not be fixed beforehand .  The duration of treatment will also depend on each person’s situation and current circumstances.  We can try to determine the regularity of our meetings together over the period of our initial consultations.

First Sessions
During our first meetings, you can decide what to speak about. I could alternatively guide you through some questions too.  And it would be useful to start talking about your history as well.

If and when we determine whether we decide to work together, we can jointly set the cost of sessions based on their regularity and personal circumstances, as I do have access to a sliding scale.